2º ESO

DATE: 5-7 APRIL 2016



Albergue en Algeciras

April 5th

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  • Antequera Dolmen Sites

    The Antequera Dolmen sites are an ensemble of megalithic monuments made up of the Menga and Viera dolmens and the tholos of El Romeral. They are outstanding examples of megalithic architecture and are amongst the most recognized and quoted in the world. They are also connected to two first-class landmarks: la Peñade los Enamorados (Lovers’ Leap) and the mountains of El Torcal, Antequera.
Antequera Dolmen Sites

Conjunto Arqueológico Dólmenes de Antequera

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April 6th

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Llanito or Yanito consists of an eclectic,macaronic mix of Andalusian Spanish and British English
Llanito: Ay un call pa ti.
Spanish: Hay una llamada para ti.
English: There's a call for you.
April 7th

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